Multi-use barrels

All the rest is debatable

Schon seit Jahrzehnten sind wir bekannt für die Herstellung von Vielzweckfässern.

The Multi-use barrels

Storage tanks

Speidel’s storage tank is solid and weather-proof. Thanks to its very thick walls the tank is extremely robust and offers multiple uses.

The Storage tanks

Transportation barrel

Speidel’s transportation barrel is ideal for the transportation of liquids like must, wine, juice, water, cooking oil etc.

The Transportation barrel

Storage barrel

Speidel’s storage tank is suited for the temporary and long term storage as well as for the fermentation of must, wine, juice, water, cooking oil etc.

The Storage barrel

Mash barrels

For the storage of fruit mash and grain mash

Speidel’s mash barrel reinterprets the well-tried dipping edge technique.

The Mash barrels

Recuperation tank for silage effluents

The RTMO is resistant against almost all chemicals, even against the components of silage effluents and their reaction and decomposition products.


All-purpose tub

No matter whether you want to collect freshly harvested pears or old, dirty socks: Speidel’s all-purpose tub lives up to its name.

The All-purpose tub

Tilting tub

When grapes and other fruits need to be transported gently, Speidel’s tilting tub is indispensable.

The Tilting tub

Grit containers

Speidel’s grit containers are made of UV-resistant and recyclable polyethylene. Particularly thick walls for perfect stability.

The Grit containers