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Recuperation tank for silage effluents

Don’t mess with dung!

For the production of our recuperation tanks we only use high-quality polyethylene. The so-called LLDPE is resistant against almost all chemicals, even against the components of silage effluents and their reaction and decomposition products. This is the reason why our containers are ideally suited as recuperation tanks. If at some point you don’t need the “collecting pit” any longer you can easily use the tank - after professional cleaning - as underground rainwater tank without hesitation. 

Like all our products, Speidel’s recuperation tank is high-quality and can’t be compared to dumping price products from the hardware store because Speidel does not save on materials. Thanks to the tank’s rib construction and massive legs you can be sure of its lasting stability.

Speidel's recuperation tank RTMO

Advantages of Speidel’s recuperation tank RTMO

Do It Yourself

  • do it yourself installation

Extreme stability

  • thick-walled like no other PE-tank

Permanently air-tight

  • made of one piece without weld seams


  • two jack rings and four carrying handles

Application range

  • silage effluents
  • waste-water containing faeces
  • water
  • rain water

Recuperation tank RTMO

product code capacity
8200 2.000 214 126 159 112 Enquiry
8201 3.000 245 145 178 158 Enquiry
8202 4.000 245 169 200 208 Enquiry
8203 5.000 245 191 222 258 Enquiry
8204 7.500 280 220 390 390 Enquiry
8330 10.000 300 245 500 500 Enquiry

Dimension and weight data +/- 2 percent. In Euro plus VAT an delivery costs.