Transportfass auf Ladefläche


Where are you headed?

All too often liquids are not at hand where they are needed. As for drinking water, pipes were invented, and for beer and wine we have bottles, but many other applications still require their own (and appropriate) receptacles in which water, oil or other liquids can be transported. 

For all these purposes Speidel’s all-purpose tub (made of yellow or green polyethylene) is exactly the right thing. The barrel’s thick walls make the container very stable and break-proof. Even if the barrel once undergoes a rather hard landing on the ground the wall doesn’t break and doesn’t easily crack like many dumping-price containers do. 

Our transportation containers allow the watering of entire parks, the transportation of must from ten apple trees or the water supply for your weekend home. No matter what and how: our containers allow you to transfer liquids from A to B safely and without any problems.