Trekker mit Spritzentank


The land of the brave

“Old habits die hard” people say. We don’t know whether or not this is true. But we do know that in the meantime our containers have become so well-known that they enjoy an excellent reputation also among farmers.

It’s hard to find a farmstead that can do without Speidel’s multi-use barrels and our storage tanks are often used for the above-ground storage of rainwater. Meanwhile though, more and more below-ground rain cisterns, able to store huge quantities of water, are being used. Often, the very same cisterns also serve as recuperation tanks for silage effluents because they are resistant to all chemicals, even to slurry and its reaction and decomposition products.

Furthermore, in most agricultural machines PE containers nowadays are an integral part as can be seen in the picture above. Whether it is about spray tanks, seed containers or liquid fertiliser reservoirs: the range of application of containers is manifold. And here, too, it is worth investing in quality. And in fact: the higher the quality of the machine or the tractor the more likely it is that the inbuilt container is ‘made by Speidel’.