Fahrzeug mit Speidel Tank auf der Ladefläche

Local authorities

Well known in urban and rural areas

Municipal services have to perform manifold tasks, some of which require our containers. It is hard to find local authorities that can do without Speidel’s multi-use barrels. Be it about the watering of city parks or the transportation of other liquids: Speidel’s multi-use barrel is, as its name implies, the all-rounder among our tanks.

In winter, Speidel’s robust and long-lasting grit containers are indispensable. Though most of the time they stand unnoticed at the roadside, one is very happy to have road salt and grit right at hand when it gets suddenly icy. Yet, municipal services also benefit indirectly from our containers since we produce for example brine tanks for snow-removal trucks and other containers for industrial use that are frequently used by local authorities.