Sooner or later you will end up at Speidel’s

Storage has rules of its own. Some things need to be stored only short-term, others long-term. It is however in any case necessary to have easy and fast access to what has been stored. In an ideal situation you can transport the stored goods from A to B without changing the container (more about that under the topic transportation) So there are quite a few requirements that come together when it comes to the issue of storage, and Speidel’s containers fulfill them particularly well. Thanks to our long-standing know-how, the careful manufacturing and the thickest walls possible we have obtained an excellent reputation. As for liquids and bulk goods in particular our range of products comprises the appropriate container for almost any substance – and if it does not, we will develop one. 

Of course, also the material matters. Speidel offers storage tanks made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). Both materials have their advantages: PP is heat resistant and also suited for liquids with higher temperature. PE on the other hand is a little bit lighter and dimensionally more stable. In addition, PE is food-safe  (with KTW-certification report; i.e. the official guidelines for the Hygienic Assessment of Organic Materials in Contact with Drinking Water), at least if one uses only authentic high quality PE as we do.